Hi and welcome to our brand, spanking new website! A website that represents everything our podcast stands for. On here you can find all of our current and past episodes, articles and personal thoughts written by some of the friends, a gallery of photos and videos, links to all of our social media accounts, and so much more. Just like with our podcast, all the content on this site is put out there with an openness and honesty. The articles you will find on here are written without edits, straight from the pens of our friends to the pages of this site. We invited all of our cast members to speak freely and write from the heart touching on all issues regarding sex, relationships, dating and more. You will find photos of most of our friends (we're working on getting everyones shot), as well as videos from our recording nights, which I promise are never dull evenings.

Sexwithfriendsshow.com will always be growing and changing so if there is anything that you would love to see, or read please send us a message and we’ll see what we can do! And please don’t be afraid to let us know if there is a topic you would like to hear us discuss on an episode.

Thanks and enjoy!