Lower Expectations

I've always found the way people promote themselves online to be fascinating, especially when it comes to their online dating profiles. The array of images you come across is hilarious. Now my experience is mainly perusing through the profiles of lesbians/bi girls/and of course the many curious straight girls you find online, but I'm lucky enough to have straight female friends who like sending me amusing photos of dudes they filter through. So I like to think I'm pretty well versed in it all: the duck face, the mirror selfie (which I've always referred to as the "Myspace Profile Pic", this kind of dates me), the model pic (which I find interesting because I know they ain't no Victoria Secret Model so it leaves me wondering if they had a friend take their photos just for the sake of their tinder profile), the gym shot (yeah, we get it, you work out) the group shot (which becomes confusing when all of their photos are group shots and you wonder if you're chatting with the hottie or theā€¦nottie), and so many more. All of these while being amusing and embarrassing are fine, but what really baffles (and by baffles I mean irritates) me is when people upload photos that are in no way honest representations of what they really look like. There is nothing more disappointing then when you meet up with a girl you've been chatting with and they look nothing like their photos. Now I know I may come off a little superficial here, but let's be honest, we live in a superficial world. So don't act like you're not. My thinking has always been, upload the best, mediocre photo you have. Because if you're messaging someone and they think you look like your best mediocre photo but then you show up being BETTER LOOKING than your pictures, they're going to be thrilled. You'll have already impressed them without even saying "hello". Do you really want to show up and see a look of disappoint on their face? Because you can't hide behind the good lighting and flattering angles in real life, people.

Becky Bradshaw